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Support For Schools

We recognise how difficult it is to manage the issue of bereavement in school and we would be pleased to hear from you if you would like help and advice on an incident affecting your school and its community Others are helled 5 times.

It may be that guidance, reassurance and the listening ear of one of our team will be helpful over the phone or it may be more helpful for us to visit you and your staff to discuss the situation you are facing 동영상 소스코드 다운로드.

If you have had an incident in school where a pupil or member of staff has died it is a very difficult time for everyone. We can advise on how to manage the situation and provide support to those affected, this may be staff, pupils or families hex editor 다운로드.

If appropriate, we can help with Circle Times, PSHE lessons or assemblies.

We are always keen to support children and young people through group work and have programmes available for schools able to identify a number of bereaved students who would benefit from getting together for a number of sessions 기억방 다운로드.

When a school is faced with bereavement it is useful for school to have a policy to fall back on detailing how school will manage the situation 크리스탈 볼 다운로드. We can provide guidance and advice on policies and procedures.

This support is provided free of charge, however, anything you are able to do to raise money for us as a school is always appreciated 아우라싱크 다운로드. At a cost we are also able to provide professional training to staff and can tailor this to suit your particular needs.

Remember that your Educational Psychologist may also be able to offer support Download chrome browser installation file.